The benefits of honey

Honey means Diabetes Center is produced, realistic bees, known as human honey from ancient times, from the era of the Pharaohs in Egypt Pedadmae Egyptians were providing gifts for the honeymoon monarchs, interest and use it to cure and Ihntwa the bodies, , as well as former Greece knew honey and used them for thousands of years, this world-known Pythagorean Omar to ninety years of age depends on where the honey in the diet, as well as Baqrat months old doctors recommended honey orbit, and the Romans were using old honey in the conservation of Homahm of decomposition and germs, Thus, the rights defined honey from ancient times and used as food and medicine, as well as find that honey mentioned in the holy books of Macedonia is mentioned in the Torah and the Bible.

* Honey when Muslims :

The Almighty God in the greatest honey AL Taiwanese scientists AL blessings, The number of God in Surat bees Yes many favors and blessings of this great and the blessing of honey and bee products, where he says in the Quran (69) (... emerging from their bodies a drink of varying colors, healing to the people in this for any of stubble)

His verse in Surat Al-Muhammad in the description of Paradise rivers er (15) Jews (such as Paradise which promised : rivers of water unpolluted, and rivers of milk has not changed taste and rivers of wine delicious to the drinkers, and rivers of honey liquidator .... Verse) Valesl feed people in the Garden of Paradise.

There have been much talk in the Koran urges the use of honey and medication, including an Al-Bukhari and Muslim, who corroborated Abu Said Alkhaddri that a man came Prophet peace be upon him, said : (The brother said to him, complaining about stomach Prophet peace be upon him (deemed sweetness) men then came back to the Prophet peace be upon him, said (I Sekith What Zadeh only Asttalaka) and said to him, the prophet peace be upon him three times deemed sweetness and men hesitate to Prophet peace be upon him, the prophet says it deemed sweetness (Allah and mother lied brother) Vskah even cured men from the saturation of stomach injury).

And also find the Prophet peace be upon him (you Balshvaein honey and the Koran), as well as saying peace be upon him (from three Douat lick of honey each month did not suffer the great scourge) and the Prophet peace be upon him like Haloa and honey.

Our predecessor, as well as find good used honey, it Tdawa by Abdullah bin Umar, God bless them was not complaining of anything but honey used even if a sore left Danh honey, We find values scholar Imam son talked about honey and interest in writing Prophetic medicine and said God's mercy (honey medicine with medicine, food with food, drink syrups with, what caused us to mean something better than not close it, It was not relying only upon veterans) finished his speech.

Doctors are also veterans talked about honey and the benefits it Ibn Sina in writing the number of benefits law and said honey (honey charming bleak sight, Altgerger benefit by tonsillitis, and liquid honey strengthens the stomach and lust over, Roast of honey and water and drink urine generates honey Meskhana they want Roses benefit from eroding vermin and insects ..... It also said the honeymoon is (I mean honey) Nafe to Tokha of commissioned, which purifies contaminated sores ...... ( he finished).

We find many modern doctors talked about honey and stated its benefits including Dr Fadil al-Hassan Shamsi Pasha consultative cardiology King Fahd Hospital of the armed forces in Jeddah has an excellent book on honey and benefits a book miracle hospitalization honey and royal food seeded number which devotes its Allah benefits and Research honey and bee products , who also wrote doctors from contemporary honey Dr. Abdul Karim al-Khatib and Mohamed Nizar Daker, and Dr. Q. Badawi and many others who wrote about honey and benefits.

* Honey, and different stages of human life :

Honey benefit rights in all the different stages of life or female, from his childhood through his youth to his old age to death in the case of the need for conservation of decomposition was veterans Ihnton crematorium honey, but beyond that benefit rights of honey before he was born so that the habits of veterans provide for their spouses honeymoon at the beginning of married life and now at the present time honey with food Royal used many young when they married, because the honey stretches spouses energy and vitality and sexual activity and early marriage so-called honey month, and benefit rights of honey a drop in the mother's womb as pregnant if used within honey daily food benefited from the honeymoon is in and conceived, honey accompanying insured home afterlife because people feed honey paradise in paradise because God described rivers of Paradise and the rivers including honey, Valesl him the characteristics and advantages of many medical benefit is hepatitis, successful treatment of wounds and burns and Algergerinh honey and the best friend of the equipment, honey beneficial to the skin and the sensitivity and eczema and commissioned as the Ibn Sina in law and ophthalmology and anemia and pockets exposures and periodontal infections and stomach ulcer and twelve and colon and useful for checking In the case of Glut The stomach bacteria harmful and useful for the treatment of stomach acidity and beneficial for patients with renal Valesl therapeutic characteristics more than that limit, Valesl anti vital natural no damage to the members of the body but the whole benefit is not incompatible with any treatment.

* Honey, and the wounds of diabetics :

Honey contains materials and deadly anti-bacterial, and therefore Sterile and disinfectant for cuts of germs and help the growth of cells and tissues, leading to speed healing, has been used by many doctors honey Cden anesthetic for chronic wounds and wounds after surgical operations, The wounds in sensitive areas covered and which led to the rapid healing of such wounds, and often used honey Cden anesthetic to the wounds of diabetics in this case honey, God save patients from amputation sugar member, The use of honey for wounds Cden anesthetic for a fixed time-honored and which shows that keeping dead bodies in ancient times, honey, as well as find Sahabi Galilee Abdullah Ibn Omar may Allah be pleased with him used honey to treat wounds and Dimples.

* Honey and treating anemia :

Honey contains salts, minerals, Sugars useful mainly Glucose, iron and folic acid, and therefore Valesl useful in cases of anemia, especially with pregnant women is happening, they lack in Alheimoglobin Valesl improves blood and stimulates the immune rights, therefore advise those who suffer from anemia using honey is very useful.

* Honey and ophthalmology :

Honey charming bleak sight purifies the eye, has reported some companions Alacthal honey Kasahabi Galilee Awf bin Malik Alashjai, some people believed that the honey does not benefit ratio eye on the temperature of the eye that quickly disappear. This belief is wrong Valesl useful for acute and sensitive eye irritations and lesions Eyelids, and there Ointments medical honey one of its components.

* Honey and respiratory infections :

Honey vapor inhalation escalating very useful for respiratory diseases and asthma and sensitivity of the chest, and respiratory patients synchronize with the honey daily has advised the Ibn Sina law tuberculosis patients deal with honey, and honey as the son of values calm coughing and beneficial owners Albalgam and sheikhs.

* Honey and heart disease :

As is known heart muscle in a small volume fists, constantly works and if it stops on the continuation of work in a moment of time led to the death, honey provides a great service to the heart in order to contain useful elements foremost Glucose Alfrectoz and some salts and minerals that improve Alheimoglobin percentage in the blood which makes heart active and regularly, so advise patients deal honey is very useful to them.

* Honey and hepatitis :

According to observations of many hepatitis patients, who have used honey We have seen excellent results and encouraging, Valesl limit the activity of the virus and irrevocable, and regulates enzymes and liver functions, has no chance to benefit honey hepatitis many of the doctors who wrote about modern honey and therapeutic benefits, It was stated that some doctors honey strong influence in hepatitis and stated that Dextrose located in the honeymoon over stocks of sugar, animal liver (Glycogen), in addition to the honey does not strain the liver, but is beneficial to the liver tissue. Therefore, we recommend hepatitis handling honey, which is not incompatible with no cure in modern medicine.

* Honey and gastroenterology :

Known as the honeymoon that the entire food alkaline, and therefore useful in cases of stomach acidity, and stomach ulcer and twelve, and honey, she says, ancient wisdom (the best friend of the equipment), It demonstrates the usefulness of honey on the cleanliness and purity stomach modern man who came Prophet peace be upon him and told him (the brother Arabs abdomen) any contaminated chew and scaled the stomach, Fausah Nabi Karim handling honey honey Discussing men several times until healed from bad to poor digestion and stomach; Valesl disinfectant and Sterile of prepared and contains most of the food needed by the body, and always advises using honey on his breath and in the absence of the stomach during the day.

* Honey and constipation :

Constipation is the inability to defecate rights for a period of three consecutive days or more, and not waste disposal cause harm to humans, because the rights of the weak carrying sidearms in the abdomen and brown stench, you can assume most of glitter Braz pets without Ttqazz him, But human waste fetid rights can not carry or touch his hand what happens inside the stomach, which holds the following days and he can not get rid of them, and therefore stated in the hadith that rights after his release from the open calls and says (Praise be to God that pulled me harm and Aavani) honey of lubricant, which helps the body of waste disposal.

* Honey and questions :

Honey food is not comfortable when both members object representation, and members of this total benefit Valesl macro containing Glucose cigarettes simple, and because the proportion of honey does not produce waste tire macro contains a small percentage of protein is always advisable for patients with kidney, A popular recipe is simple, uncomplicated liver and fragmenting gravel aggregate, a mixture of honey, olive oil and lemon.

* Honey and sexual impotence :

Satisfying sexual gratification through marital relationship legitimacy, one of the reasons that lead to family stability, and evaluation of human behavior and help to preserve the human species through the organization between men and women Both men and women know their rights and duties, Any flaw or weakness in the exercise of these men or women Libido might lead to the collapse and disintegration of family, and advise those who have weak or deficient sexual nor can carry out this operation normally be reviewed specialist doctors, and thus we recommend the use of natural honey, especially with the royal food than it addresses sexual impotence, use honey square object energy and vitality which helps to address sexual impotence, Vennsah couples using honey always to provide them with energy and sexual activity.

* Honey and cancer :

Cancer is a malignant disease demonizing plague era perplexed doctors and researchers, According to the Prophet peace be upon him as saying (of three Douat lick of honey each month did not suffer the great scourge), and this shows that honey and prevention of malignant diseases Is there greater and insidious cancer in the present times, Valesl products Bumblebee other food royal marking bees and bee gum prevention God of malignant diseases, honey and other bee products stimulate immunity rights and makes them immune to diseases.

*Honey and Gynecology :

Honey accommodating Glucose Alfrectoz, vitamins and minerals is very beneficial for pregnant during pregnancy, it is beneficial to both mother and fetus, and help pregnant honey in the open and easy birth therefore be used on pregnant honey since the beginning of pregnancy and even mortality, as well as honey Sterile could Cream honey on her wound after childbirth, which leads to rapid wound healing, as well as serve honey in cases of acute vaginal could Cream honey during vaginal intercourse or earlier.

*Honey and children :

Honey food and treatment Conservator of children, the child is helped to grow and Ihsanh against disease and increases the weight of the child, God, Since honey contains minerals useful and simple Sugars foremost Dextrose and Fructose these elements found in honey improvement in the rate of blood in children and prevent them from anemia, including the honey does not strain the body, which Digestible Absorption is comfortable for food prepared and Bowel children.

* Food bee queens :

Mass produced, realistic stinging bees from endocrinologist in the head, food to the larvae and queen, which is indispensable hormones, vitamins and staffed by water, carbohydrate, protein, fat, mineral salts, and beneficial to the development of sexual and Riyadhin especially if mixing with honey, Appetizing has many benefits.

* Bee gum or Alekpr or Albropoules :

A sticky gum, realistic collected by bees from the bark and tree shoots, the fertile by the cell and demonstrate the wax and lock openings by the cell, If Jeddah and insect inside the cell can no bees away, it is Burgenitha this article is a sterile and has many benefits, including sterilization and disinfection and healing chronic especially with the honey, and gives the body energy and vitality.

* Shama bees :

The products of these insect blessed Al_galh wax produced by endocrine especially in the search process and bee wax production cost Bumblebee very big effort, Valenhalah produce wax to build six eyes for storing honey and then his hard work without lifting the six-honey eyes covered by a thin layer of wax. The bees wax several advantages that chewable wax with honey useful pockets exposures and infections and periodontal lesions is included in Toiletry and cosmetics, and make it wax for lighting and other benefits.

* Cm bees :

Sobhan, who make recovery even in the bee, which means cm contains many useful acids, and the bite of a busy machine at the edge with which to defend themselves, and this Allsah have many benefits them as useful for the mother joints and stimulate the immune system in the human body.

* Pollen grains :

 Realistic bees collect from flowers showed up in the basket of pollen grains, and honey Tamzjeh feed larvae, a vitamins and protein and contains salts and enzymes useful and pollen grain characteristics and benefits of many of them to be useful for inflammation of the prostate gland, anemia useful and beneficial for Bowel and have many benefits.

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